Bafta Nomination – Behind Closed Doors

I’m really proud that team True Vision (Anna, Brian, Paddy) have the nomination for Bafta for our film Behind Closed Doors.

img_6197It was a really tough film to make, took me into a world I knew little about and I came out changed, far more educated and with real respect for the survivors whose bravery talked to countless others.

Many people are victims or survivors of domestic abuse. Statistically many of my friends  may have or are suffering abuse right now. Many suffering in silence and many putting on a brave face for the world outside while being cruelly hurt from those closest to them behind closed doors. Some are so hurt they may not even be able to admit it to themselves, let alone tell others.

I hope after filming this I am there ready to listen to anyone able to speak out and need help. But we are all busy and it is easy to not see, find the time or to ask the right questions. This film reminds me of the voices often silenced and to be there for friends who need help.

Awards are great – but don’t forget the people under your nose.


Nomination List:

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