Running for Education – please sponsor!


Oh dear, it’s another fun run to sponsor! Yes it is, and what a great cause it is for.

It is a rare occasion when I peel myself off my chair and wibble around a course but I had to when I found out what it was for.

A few years ago my colleague Jezza Neuman filmed an incredibly brave girl Nokubegha tell her story to the world about her plight with TB. Thanks to her speaking out, the generosity of the viewing public and the Aletheia Foundation (linked to True Vision) which allows that money to change lives of contributors, she was able to embark on an education.

The money has now run out. But me the True Vision team are not going to give up. We are getting our running shoes on, training and will speed through that 10k in the hope of raising enough money to keep Nokubegha in school. Personally there is not a more direct way of changing someone’s life. But that can’t be done without you, my lovely friends and family.

I know times are tough for many and there is always a fun run going on somewhere. But this one is close to my heart and that of True Vision. We don’t want to have to give Nokubegha anything but good news when we next talk to her- especially after all she has gone through.

So whether it’s dosh to laugh at me huffing and puffing round Regents park or a few quid to keep Nokubegha going to school, anything you can manage would be appreciated.

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