Erica is an accomplished documentary director, who works on high-end acclaimed documentary films.  Her work has been broadcast all over the world, having premiered on major networks in the UK and the US. Her work has been BAFTA – nominated, as well as recognised by Broadcast, Grierson and the Royal Television Society. 

She is currently series directing the Starz/ C4 show about Ghislaine Maxwell, having become the first female Series Director on the BAFTA-winning Ambulance for BBC1. 

Erica’s work is driven by uncovering and exploring the lives of women all over the world. This ranges from abuse survivors and strong women trying to reach their potential in misogynist societies to inspiring female protagonists (lawyers and campaigners) who have a mission. Unlike many directors, Erica is not afraid to taking a more complex and authentic approach to prolific women in history

Her latest films include BBC Panorama’s ‘Tessa Jowell: Her Final Campaign’ and the HBO documentary ‘Saudi Women’s Driving School’ which premiered in the US in October 2019.

Her 2017 film Catching a Killer:A Bullet Through the Window, received critical acclaim. The documentary was Pick of the Day in all major national newspapers and is one of the Catching a Killer series that has been nominated for the Broadcast and RTS Awards. Her work directing and producing has helped earn a 2018 BAFTA nomination for Best Factual Series.

Before working on Catching a Killer, Erica produced and filmed BBC 1’s BAFTA-nominated Behind Closed Doors following the lives of those affected by domestic abuse. 

Erica started working in documentaries 10 years ago. Erica worked at True Vision where she worked with BAFTA-winning director Jezza Neumann, Brian Woods and Anna Hall on a number of films, including Channel 4 Dispatches ‘Breadline Kids’ which was nominated for a Broadcast Award and an RTS.  

Before working in documentaries, Erica was at the BBC and worked on Watchdog, Panorama, Newsnight, business programming and political films. She started her career working as a researcher for political documentary-maker Michael Cockerell. 

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